Chinatown Culinary Treats

I briefly explored the Wat Arun temple before heading to Chinatown.  Food, of all types, some known and others a mystery, were there to be enjoyed, experienced.  I overcame slight moral reservations and ended up trying the Shark Fin soup, as well as a delicious Baked Sea Bass with Chinese herbs. As for the soup, well…I tried it.  It wasn’t repulsive, but I won’t be ordering again any time soon.


Precious Moments Anywhere

John and I, along with our new German friend, Julia, went to the Chatuchak market in Bangkok.  The market is a sprawling collection of stands and stalls, both inside a simple structure, as well as outside along the closed road.  Thousands of people mill about purchasing anything and everything imaginable, from flowers, to handcrafted teak wood furniture, to designer jeans, Birkenstock sandals, pythons, and roosters.  We exited one avenue of the market to get some fresh air and came upon a local family going about life as usual. The father was barbecuing while the mother tended to brushing the daughter’s hair.  A scene that happens anywhere and everywhere in this world, though from this photo, many westerners would be struck by the surrounding environment.  The contrast of simple human beauty in an urban wasteland was striking, indeed.  Instead of feeling pity for the family, which I initially thought I would feel, I was overcome by the love in action and felt gratitude for being able to briefly share such a precious family moment.

Dog Daze in Bangkok

I have found your first several days in Bangkok are spent recovering from the previous night.  It’s a rite of passage. Bangkok is a lot like Las Vegas, except with a soul and for a fraction of the cost.