One month

In one month I will travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

Below is a list of countries I have visited outside of the United States:


Below is a list of words that I can speak in Thai:


Below is a list of people that I know who live in or are currently in Thailand:


Below is a list of plans I have made for my travels from Sept 26-December:

-Explore Bangkok to gain awareness of surroundings.
-Find guesthouse and purchase room for the night.

Below is a list of expectations I have for this trip.

-Some things will be similar, many things will be different.
-I will experience joy, depression, and all feelings in between.
-I will change, be changed, and be change.
-Life will go on.

There are reasons why I shouldn’t take this trip.

I did not list them here because they weren’t my own…

I strongly oppose plagiarism.


2 thoughts on “One month

  1. Jameson,
    Safe travels! Enjoy, it will be a journey to Thailand and your soul.
    Look forward to reading about it.
    love ya,
    Maria aka, Alex’s momma

    • Thank very much Maria! I appreciate your kind words and support. I am also looking forward to catching up when I get back stateside this winter over some espresso martinis with you and your son. Much love!

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